Buy A House With Sweat Equity

Get an exclusive look at all the steps in the homebuying process as CEO and Real Estate Investment Coach Ken Dunn, guides one Canadian family on an inspiring journey to homeownership through sweat equity. Watch as dreams are built from the ground up, one renovation at a time. Will hard work and determination be enough to secure their dream home? Discover the power of sweat equity in this heartwarming series, available on our website and YouTube. 

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Episode 1: The Applicants

New 2023 13+ 19m

Episode 1 unveils what this series has in store has for you! Join Ken as he reviews the incredible applicants vying for the chance of a lifetime. He also announces the winners of a $5000 giveaway, with the top three taking home some fantastic prizes.

Episode 2: The Final Two Families

New 2023 13+ 19m

In this episode, we’ll also be announcing the winner of last week’s giveaway! One lucky viewer will win a FREE 2-night stay at one of our luxurious resorts and receive $1000 in spending money to make their vacation even more unforgettable.

Episode 3: The Winning Family & The Mortgage Broker

New 2023 13+ 19m

This episode not only offers invaluable financial insights for aspiring homeowners but also reveals the family chosen to continue their “Buy A House with Sweat Equity” journey based on your votes. Financial clarity and heartfelt moments come together in this must-watch episode!

Episode 4: House Hunting

New 2023 13+ 19m

“House Hunting,” we follow Marvin and Renee, a family ready for homeownership, guided by Ken’s expert advice! Ken Dunn breaks the process of buying undervalued properties, the renovation process, and who to secure bank refinancing by leveraging equity!

Episode 5: Searching for the RIGHT House!

New 2023 13+ 19m

Today’s Episode of ‘Buy a House with Sweat Equity’ Episode 5 with Ken Dunn tackles the Canadian Real Estate Market with a Family who is looking for their own dream home! If you’re someone struggling with down payments and credit scores, this episode is FOR YOU! How can you use Sweat Equity to turn your dream of owning your home into reality without the burden of hefty down payments or having an impeccable credit history. Follow Ken as he goes over the house hunting process, looking at over 25 properties and giving you practical tips on what to look for when looking for that dream home!

Episode 6 : We Didn't See This Coming!

New 2023 13+ 19m

This episode isn’t just about property and profits, it’s one of hope, dreams, and the power of community! Watch as we follow the Ali family’s story from Dubai to Canada, and see how determination and the right advice can turn dreams of owning a home into reality!