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Ken's journey in the business world began with a simple desire: to create moments of joy and cheer for his family. Inspired by the happiness that owning a cottage brought to his loved ones, Ken embarked on a transformative path that would not only shape his own life, but also countless others seeking a similar dream.

About Ken Dunn

From that initial cottage purchase, Ken's passion ignited a chain of events that led him to establish a pioneering enterprise. Recognizing the widespread interest in recreating the enchanting experiences he had crafted for his family, Ken embarked on a mission to share his insights with the world. His response to the inquiries of many aspiring cottage owners birthed a dynamic company dedicated to imparting the art of cottage ownership.
With an eye toward the future, Ken's aspirations continue to soar. The journey that began with a single cottage has paved the way for ventures into condo development, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and keen foresight. Furthermore, Ken's sights are set on the horizon of hospitality, with plans to nurture the growth of his resort network, envisioning over 15 distinctive havens in the span of a decade.
Ken Dunn is the founder of Cottage Dream Vacations, a real estate company that is focused on renovating cottage properties and turning them into amazing family getaways.Cottage Dream Vacations has properties in The Muskokas, Kawarthas and Prince Edward County in Ontario. Ken has successfully grown and exited, from businesses in the mortgage industry, property management, direct sales and publishing industries.Today, Ken is focussed on his latest project the Hay Bay Resort, a boutique cottage resort based in Prince Edward County & teaching entrepreneurs how to acquiring their dream cottage properties with no money down and renting on Airbnb to cover costs! Ken is from Toronto, Canada where he lives with his wife/best-friend of 23 years, Julie and their kids Laura and Matthew.