He began his adult life in the investigative policing. Spending time in undercover drug investigations, surveillance operations and working on a S.W.A.T before he began to specialize in police interrogation.

At the age of 30, he found out that he was about to become a father. He realized that he to create a life for his future family unlike anything he has seen in his humble up-bringing.

Armed with only a high-school education and a deep desire to live a life that he had only dreamed of, Ken started a mortgage company in 2001.  After exiting that business, Ken realized that his biggest passion was marketing and leading people.
He spent years developing a coaching business and studying the world’s most elite speakers, trainers and coaches.  He realized that he had discovered a 4-part process that he believed he could use to start and scale any business. Ken calls this 4-part process, the Authority Factor!
He has published 5 books on sales and marketing. His 5th book, The Greatest Prospector in the world, has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of been recognized as a best seller in 6 different countries.
Ken Dunn centres his business activities around his passion for digital marketing and digital communications helping thousands of sales-people, and small business owners, to connect with their ideal clients/customers online.
Ken will show you how to leverage the 4-Steps of the “Authority Factor” system to connect with your ideal clients and radically increase your revenue by giving your clients exactly what they want, in the order that they want.