I want to talk to you about the fastest way to get a boatload of people to join your email list. The fact of the matter is if you don’t have an email list, you don’t have a business. There’s an old saying in the digital marketing world: your income grows with your list.

Most people overthink it. That’s what it’s looking like. There’s an inherent flaw in many entrepreneurs who overthink things and paralyze themselves in that process. So I’m hoping this little conversation will slow down, if not eliminate a lot of that overthinking. The reality is this, more people are hurting in the world than ever before. They are looking for help, and the fastest way to solve a problem is to find somebody that’s already been through that issue and get their help to solve the problem.

So how do you build an email list really fast? It’s simple. Figure out the biggest pain point your ideal clients have in common, create a lead magnet to solve that problem, and give that advice away for free. It doesn’t even have to be a lead magnet. You could actually do a series of videos that you plunk onto a funnel page, and people will opt to do that. Block out the rest of the world for a couple of minutes. If you’re going to succeed in any type of online business, any type of business you do online.

But there’s no such thing as an online business. You have a business that you can run any way you want. But smart people in today’s world use online digital marketing techniques and strategies to make money in their businesses. An online business does not exist, but a business that you have in any idea one of millions of verticals uses marketing strategies that include the deployment of marketing techniques. So you’re using marketing online to build your business.

So the fastest way to do that is to build an email list. How do you figure out what’s going to attract people to you? If you want to use online marketing to build your business, ask yourself who your ideal client is. It’s very important online because you’re going to be creating content where you’re talking when you’re creating the content. You’re talking to a camera, not to actual people. But you’re gonna publish that content.

People are gonna start watching your video. Because of how marketing works, you have to have a clear idea of who you’re talking about to stay relevant to that person.

You can talk about things people have at that specific age, in that specific gender, with those specific issues and mindsets. So the clearer you are about who you want your ideal client to be, the more accurate your content will be.

Step one: create content for a specific person. The next thing you’re going to ask yourself is: what’s the big problem you’re solving for people? Is it losing weight? Writing books? In my case, my whole business revolves around helping people write books and turn them into seven-figure businesses. If you think about my business, I teach people how to build a following.

I teach people how to build online courses and coaching programs. I teach people how to run advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It helps people sell more books. If that person is not interested in writing a book to help their business, they’re not my ideal client. All that other stuff will still work for them, but that’s not who I’m focused on talking to. That’s why I’m talking to you.

Once you know what that big problem is, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to grab a piece of paper and answer this question:

What steps would you teach somebody to solve that problem if you only had 30 seconds to tell them?

So let’s say you’re a weight loss coach.

They have to focus on the way they eat, move more, and develop new habits.

I want to first teach them the weight loss and fitness stuff to start losing. But if I’m going to keep it off them, I have to help them identify the problems and habits they created in these two steps. And then I wanna help them to create new habits.

The next step would be accountability. Find some way to keep yourself accountable. Then focus on 30 days at a time. See how I did that? You want to do that in every business. Now here’s the magic for each of these steps.

I want you to write out 8-10 talking points that you would want to address if you teach that subject. If I was “doing the way you eat” step and writing out those talking points, I would say:

You’re going to do this for each step. Now here’s the secret. Go back to the first few steps. Look at them and ask yourself: What is one thing I can teach people independently in these first three steps? They’ll get a result in 5-7 days, so they’ll want to invest more. It’s like a micro-goal. And that’s what you build your lead magnet on.

Let me give you an example.


I needed to create a lead magnet. I had to build my email list. What could I do? What are all the things that I teach in these first three steps that people are really excited about and can get a result with, making them more interested in me?

I thought about it, and then it dawned on me. I needed to teach people how to build their Facebook fan page to 100,000 people in less than 100 days for a couple hundred bucks maximum. And I’ve got hundreds of students that used this technique.

I created a lead magnet, a 20-page guide that just taught them how to do it. Because you want a professional PDF, you can hire someone to do it for $5-10. I offered the downloadable guide to download in exchange for their email address. Over 500 people joined my email list in the first week.

I had this idea. What if I built a mini-course that goes along with it? Some wanted to pay $7 to grab the mini-course. Now I had a segmented list of people who bought something from me. The people who paid $7 for that mini-course have gone on, in most cases, to spend about $3,800 on my business.

The perfect lead magnet will be somewhere in those first three steps. Start building an email list and build your business. Remember, your income grows with your list.

Are you trying to build a big email list? In this article, I want to explain the easiest way to build that list! Ask yourself, “What is a problem that you can help people solve, fast?”

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