Ken Dunn and Simon Yan

Mastering Real Estate: Condo Flipping with Simon Yan

Discover the secrets of conquering the condo flipping game as we delve into exclusive insights from real estate expert Simon Yan and host Ken Dunn. This blog post breaks down the key takeaways, offering a concise guide to mastering condo flipping—no hefty upfront investment required. Join us as we decode the strategies for a prosperous venture into the world of real estate.

The Essence of Condo Flipping:

Simon defines condo flipping as the process of revitalizing outdated and rundown condo units to maximize their market value. The focus is on finding condos with outdated decor, leaks, and other issues that can be transformed through renovations. The core strategy involves purchasing these units at a low price, conducting a 30-day renovation, staging them beautifully, and then selling them for top market prices.

Condo flipping: Buy low, renovate, stage, sell high – the ultimate strategy for maximizing market value

Why Condos for Flipping?

Ken and Simon discuss the advantages of condo flipping, particularly for new investors. The key lies in the certainty that condos offer, as there’s no structural work involved, and major systems like plumbing are pre-set in concrete. The relatively shorter timeline, averaging 2 months from acquisition to listing, makes condo flipping an attractive option.

Condo flipping is the golden opportunity for new investors. Certainty, streamlined timelines, and no structural hassles – it’s a game-changer in real estate.

Navigating Condo Regulations:

One unique aspect of condo flipping is dealing with condo boards and management offices. Simon emphasizes the importance of respectful communication and adherence to rules. He highlights the need for approval from condo boards for renovations, a process that typically takes days, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Condo flipping success hinges on respect and collaboration with condo boards. Smooth communication, adherence to rules, and quick approvals are the keys to a seamless process.

Financial Aspects of Condo Flipping:

In their insightful discussion, both hosts delve deep into the financial intricacies of condo flipping, shedding light on the strategies and potential returns. Simon, a seasoned and conservative investor known for his keen focus on the numbers, provides valuable insights for aspiring condo flippers.

One of Simon’s noteworthy suggestions is to aim for a lift of around $50,000 for each condo flipping project. This target represents a calculated approach to ensure a favorable return on investment. By setting this benchmark, condo flippers can maintain a level of profitability that makes the venture worthwhile.

The conversation also underscores the significant profit potential in the condo flipping market. For instance, in the thriving real estate markets of Canada, particularly in metropolitan areas like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, there has been a consistent demand for revitalized condo units. These markets have seen remarkable appreciation in property values over the years, making condo flipping a lucrative endeavor.

For example, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), a prime location for condo investments, there has been a sustained uptrend in property prices, especially for well-maintained and upgraded condominiums. This presents a substantial opportunity for condo flippers to capitalize on the rising demand by renovating outdated units and selling them at higher market prices.

Simon’s passion for condo flipping and his intention to continue investing in this market highlight the sustainability and profitability of the practice. Aspiring investors can draw inspiration from his success and recognize that, with careful planning and a focus on financial metrics, condo flipping can be a rewarding and sustainable business venture.

Key Steps in Condo Renovations:

Complete renovations are the backbone of this strategy, and they often involve a comprehensive transformation of the condo unit. Let’s delve into this further and provide some market examples.

In major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver, condo flipping has seen remarkable success. The key lies in turning outdated, often run-down units into modern, appealing living spaces. The transformation process encompasses various critical stages. It begins with demolitions, clearing away the old and unwanted features, and making room for something new and exciting.

Next comes plumbing and electrical work, where outdated systems are replaced with state-of-the-art fixtures, ensuring both functionality and energy efficiency. Plaster repairs and fresh paint breathe new life into the walls, creating a clean canvas for design possibilities. Flooring and installation work seal the deal, adding the finishing touches that truly make the space shine.

One notable trend in the Canadian condo flipping market is the emphasis on open-concept designs. Potential buyers are drawn to spacious, fluid layouts that create a sense of airiness and roominess. To achieve this, non-load-bearing walls can be removed, but this is typically a process that requires approval from condo boards and management offices. This particular aspect of the process highlights the importance of respectful communication and collaboration.

For instance, in Toronto, where the condo market remains highly competitive, condo flipping has become a lucrative niche. Savvy investors have recognized the potential in acquiring dated units, giving them the condo flipping treatment, and then putting them back on the market. With the right design choices and renovations, these revitalized condos can command top dollar, offering impressive returns on investment.

In Vancouver, a city known for its real estate market’s dynamism, condo flipping is also a thriving endeavor. With many older condo units in need of modernization, the opportunity to breathe new life into them through Simon’s approach is both financially rewarding and contributes to the overall enhancement of the city’s real estate landscape.

Simon’s condo flipping strategy, which centers on comprehensive renovations, is proving to be a successful approach in various Canadian real estate markets. The focus on open-concept designs and the necessity for condo board approvals for certain renovations underscore the need for respectful communication and adherence to rules, which are essential elements in achieving success in this industry.


For those eager to learn more about condo flipping, Simon Yan can be reached through his website, He’s also active on Facebook and Instagram, providing valuable insights and tips for aspiring condo flippers.


Condo flipping, as explored in this podcast episode, offers a unique and lucrative avenue for real estate investors. Simon Yan’s expertise provides valuable insights for those considering this strategy. If you’re intrigued by the world of condo flipping, make sure to connect with Simon and explore the possibilities of building a successful real estate portfolio without using your own money.

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