Closing the Sale in Real Estate: The No Money Strategy

Welcome to the world of real estate investing where Ken Dunn, a seasoned real estate investor with a $300 million portfolio, unveils the secrets to building massive real estate portfolios without using personal funds. In today’s blog post, we’ll delve into the critical art of closing deals with investors.

Building a Funnel:

Ken stresses the significance of creating a systematic process, or a funnel, to guide potential investors through various phases. This involves leveraging online platforms like Facebook to attract prospects, conducting Zoom presentations, and leading them through a series of steps to evaluate their interest and commitment.

Ken underscores the paramount importance of crafting a systematic pathway, akin to a well-designed funnel, to expertly navigate potential investors through diverse phases. Harnessing the power of online platforms such as Facebook, orchestrating impactful Zoom presentations, and deftly guiding them through a strategic sequence of steps allows for a thorough assessment of their interest and commitment.

The Funnel in Action:

Ken shares a recent success story where Facebook ads resulted in 400 registrations and 80 booked meetings with potential investors. The key lies in presenting a comprehensive package of information, overwhelming prospects with vital documents, and systematically addressing objections before the final meeting.

In the current market, Ken’s recent success story involved a Facebook ad campaign leading to 400 registrations and 80 booked meetings with investors. Key tactics include presenting a comprehensive package, strategically providing vital documents, and addressing objections systematically, showcasing the effectiveness of these strategies in today’s investment landscape.

Connecting with Investors:

Ken places a strong emphasis on the indispensable process of building trust and establishing rapport in the early stages of engagement. Ken advocates for a personalized approach, urging practitioners to invest time in getting to know investors on a personal level. This involves a keen understanding of their unique goals, aspirations, and risk tolerance. By forging a connection between investors’ objectives and their investment strategies, Ken adeptly lays the foundation for a successful close. Recognizing that genuine relationships are pivotal in the world of finance, he highlights how this tailored approach not only fosters confidence but also ensures a more meaningful and enduring partnership between investors and financial professionals

Ken emphasizes the pivotal role of trust-building and personal connections in the early stages of engagement. Advocating for a personalized approach, he underscores the need to understand investors’ goals, aspirations, and risk tolerance.

The Art of Closing:

Ken seamlessly bridges his experience as a former police interrogator with the art of closing real estate deals, unveiling a three-phase approach. Beginning with trust-building, he recognizes its resonance in both realms—establishing a foundation for fruitful interactions. The subsequent stages involve a direct positive confrontation, creating an atmosphere conducive to open dialogue, and clarification, ensuring clarity on terms and expectations.

In the Canadian real estate market, Ken’s approach takes on added significance. By adapting these proven techniques, he navigates the nuances of the Canadian landscape, where the market demands a blend of assertiveness and finesse. Ken’s unique strategy involves guiding conversations towards assuming the close, reframing the dynamic by posing questions such as, ‘How much do you want to invest?’ rather than seeking mere permission. This shift in approach not only streamlines the decision-making process but also empowers investors, aligning seamlessly with the Canadian market’s emphasis on informed and confident decision-making

Ken’s strategy of guiding conversations toward assuming the close, as opposed to seeking mere permission, showcases a proactive and empowering approach. By posing questions like “How much do you want to invest?” he not only accelerates the decision-making process but also empowers investors to take an active role in shaping the outcome.

Mindset Shift:

Ken’s insightful perspective on real estate investment transcends the conventional transactional nature of the industry, urging real estate investors to adopt a transformative mindset. At the heart of his guidance is the belief that real estate professionals should view themselves as providers of a valuable gift—an instrumental tool for investors to generate wealth. This profound shift in perception not only reframes the narrative of real estate transactions but also positions the act of investing in real estate as a collaborative journey towards financial prosperity.

This mindset shift finds resonance in contemporary real estate discourse, as highlighted by reputable sources such as industry reports, market analyses, and thought leaders within the field. Studies from institutions like the Urban Land Institute emphasize the growing trend of investors seeking not just properties but opportunities that align with their wealth creation goals. Ken’s emphasis on real estate as a gift dovetails with this broader industry evolution, recognizing that the true value lies not just in properties but in the potential for sustained financial growth and success.


In essence, Ken’s approach encompasses not only the tactical aspects of closing deals but also the strategic elements of building trust, fostering connections, and instigating a profound mindset shift. As real estate professionals navigate the evolving landscape, these key takeaways serve as a valuable guide for achieving success and building lasting partnerships in the realm of real estate investing.


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